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‘When Pandora would be an upgrade’: Bride-to-be is mercilessly mocked for her ‘tiny’ engagement ring


‘If Pandora were an upgrade’: Bride-to-be is mercilessly mocked for her ‘tiny’ engagement ring online

  • Bride-to-be has been viciously trolled online about her engagement ring
  • She posted a photo of the ring, which has a small purple stone, on Facebook
  • People laughed at the ring and said it was cheap and would make her finger green

A bride-to-be has been mercilessly mocked online by vicious trolls after she proudly displayed her engagement ring.

The anonymous young woman posted a photo of the tiny purple ring on Facebook before it quickly went viral.

“I love it, but shame on you,” she captioned a photo of the ring.

And people claimed that the ring looked so cheap that your finger would turn green in a few days.

A bride-to-be has been taunted online by vicious trolls after she proudly showed off her engagement ring (pictured)

‘Why would you do this to yourself? Do not place rings with sentimental ties. You just get caught up in your feelings when people tell you how cheap and youthful this looks,” one woman wrote in the post.

Others were less subtle.

“If a Pandora ring were actually an upgrade,” wrote another.

“He said to the jeweler, ‘her favorite color is purple and my budget is $5,'” and the jeweler just said, “I got you fam,” said one woman.

Others joked that the only thing missing were the matching adhesive earrings and a heart-shaped center stone.

“I think 15 is a bit too young to be engaged, but congratulations,” one woman wrote.

‘I just can’t take this post seriously. Tell me why at the age of 10 I got an identical ring in a Halloween costume pack for Princess Peach,” wrote another.

One woman said it doesn’t matter how much the bride likes the “purple pimple” because “it will never grow into a real ring.”

Another woman asked if the woman had to light a candle to get to the ring.

“Let’s play gumball machine or bath bomb – it’s a great game for the whole family,” snorted another.

Although the woman’s engagement band is small, it does respond to current trends for alternatives to the once-standard larger diamond solitaire.

In one piece Wedding Chicks, it stated that Etsy experts had noticed a shift from traditional rings to an assortment of smaller style bands.

“With today’s young couples investing more in life experiences (travel, home ownership) and less in over-the-top ceremonies and budget-busting rings, the days of the boulder-sized diamond as a status symbol are fading fast.”



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