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Washington state high school under lockdown as anti-maskers protest state’s mask mandate


Three Washington state schools were locked as anti-masks protested and attempted to break into a high school outside

  • Anti-masks protested outside a Washington state high school during school hours on Friday, trying to get in
  • Three schools in Vancouver closed on Friday afternoon
  • Due to the lockdown, normal activities within the school can continue. All students and staff remain safe inside,” said a school spokesperson
  • Videos appeared on Twitter allegedly showing Proud Boys and other right-wing extremists and anti-masks during the protest

Three schools in the Pacific Northwest were closed Friday afternoon after anti-mask protesters tried to break into a high school in Vancouver, Washington, during school hours.

Vancouver school officials are closed for the afternoon Skyview High School, Alki Middle School and Chinook Elementary in Clark County, located along the state’s border with Oregon.

“The closure will allow normal activities in the school to continue,” district spokesman Patricia Nuzzo said in a statement.

All students and staff remain safe inside. District resource officers are on site to help maintain security.”

Videos appeared on Twitter around 1 p.m. local time Friday that reportedly showed Proud Boys and other far-right extremists, as well as anti-masks chanting “USA USA USA” outside Skyview High School.

Proud boys and other far-right extremists as well as anti-masks demonstrate Friday outside a high school in Washington state

Nuzzo said protesters gathered outside schools on Thursday and Friday to express their anger at the state’s mask requirements for staff and students.

Photos of groups of protesters holding large banners reading “Stop the Mandate” — seemingly a call back to “Stop the Stealing” during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — outside the school.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to DailyMail.com calls and emails.

School board chair Kyle Sproul said closing the schools was the right decision to ensure student safety.

“Regardless of one’s stance on mask mandates, I think most parents in our community would agree that protesting on our school campuses and disrupting the school day is not in the best interest of the students,” Sproul said. ON B.

Tweets featuring photos of the protest outside Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington on Friday, forcing three district schools to shut down

Tweets featuring photos of the protest outside Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington on Friday, forcing three district schools to shut down

Two days earlier, a student’s mother was reportedly arrested for entering the school grounds because her daughter refused to wear a mask at school, and her mother refused to leave after arguing with school officials.

Clark County has been hit hard by COVID-19 this past week as schools reopened.

In the past seven days, the province has seen 1,653 new cases – a 46.5 percent increase from last week, 76 hospitalizations – a 20.6 percent increase from last week and 15 deaths – a 67 percent jump , according to the latest figures of the CDC.

Only 61.4 percent of eligible state residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is more than 10 percent lower than the national average of 74 percent.


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