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Vaccinated Sydney Year 12 students to complete Covid safe HSC with results due by Australia day


Sydney Year 12 students will complete their HSC in person and have their results by Australia Day – but must wear masks and social distancing despite all being vaccinated

  • HSC exams begin Nov. 9 with results by Australia Day
  • Students wear face masks and social distancing despite Covid vaccination
  • All 110 exams will take place from November 9, confirmed education minister
  • ATARs will be issued to students on January 20th and HSC marks on January 24th

HSC exams will continue as scheduled from Nov. 9 and students will get their results before Australia Day, the NSW government says.

Under the current NSW government plan, all students must return to school by November 8 and the HSC has been postponed to November 9.

It follows a shift to online learning in July amid the Covid-19 outbreak in the state.

The 12th grade students will start the HSC exams from November 9th and will be required to wear face masks and social distancing

From October 25, 12th grade students studying for the HSC will have full access to school resources on campus, such as the school library. They already have limited access to the campus outside of Sydney’s 12 health care areas.

Education Secretary Sarah Mitchell said the HSC’s start date would go ahead on Nov. 9 and all 110 exams would take place.

These exams – starting with English and ending with Food Technology – will be completed on December 3. University admission ATARs will be issued on January 20 and HSC marks on January 24.

HSC marks are required to operate during the New Year period.

All HSC students have already been given priority for Covid-19 vaccination, while exam counselors must also be fully vaccinated.

Students and staff will have to wear masks and keep a physical distance.

“Being able to pass all their exams safely is the best and fairest outcome for our HSC students,” Ms Mitchell said in a statement Friday.

‘Whether our students go to university, follow vocational training or go to work, it is important that they can all take the exam and show what they know.’

The University Admissions Center welcomed the development and said it will pave a clear path for HSC students.



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