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Trump tried to get Pence to throw out election result with six-point plan dreamed up John Eastman


‘You really should listen to him’: How Trump tried to get Pence to throw out the election results with a six-point plan devised by law professor John Eastman, Bob Woodward’s book reveals

  • Trump relied on former dean of Chapman University Law School to try to convince Pence, according to Woodward’s book
  • Lawyer attended Jan. 4 meeting before Pence would oversee electoral college vote counting that made Joe Biden the winner
  • “You really should listen to John. He is a respected constitutional scholar. Listen to him,” Trump said, according to Woodward and co-author Robert Costa
  • Eastman drafted 6-point memo outlining a scenario where Pence would not count voters from seven states due to ‘pending litigation’
  • This would lead to ‘howling’ from Democrats
  • Without a candidate to gain a majority, the election would be sent to the House, where Republicans had a majority of the delegations and could prevail
  • The plan would have resulted in millions of Americans being disenfranchised

Former President Donald Trump urged Vice President Mike Pence to “listen” to a conservative attorney who drafted a 6 point for Pence to reverse the election results, according to Bob Woodward’s new book.

Trump made the pitch for Pence at a Jan. 4 Oval Office meeting with attorney James Eastman, who was then the dean of Chapman University Law School, and was among a group of figures who have pushed Trump’s election fraud allegations to his final days. pushing in the office.

“You really should listen to John. He is a respected constitutional scholar. Listen to him,” Trump told Pence, according to Peril, through Woodward and journalist Robert Costa.

The authors write about a six-point memo that Eastman, who later spoke at the “Stop the Steal Rally” at the White House on Jan. 6, drafted.

Former Chapman University law professor John Eastman has drafted a six-point memo alongside Rudy Giuliani, US President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, outlining his beliefs about how Vice President Mike Pence could refuse to vote. accept from seven states where Trump allies alleged fraud

The memo outlines the steps Eastman suggested for Pence while he chaired the vote-counting of the States’ Electoral College — a role that Pence himself and numerous constitutional scholars concluded was largely ceremonial.

The Eastman memo, published by CNN, plays a vital role for Pence. When counting votes from states where Trump alleged fraud, Pence would cite “ongoing disputes in the 7 states” to claim that there are in fact “no voters who can be considered validly nominated in those states.”

If he did, Trump would have a 232 to 222 electoral lead. “Pence then hammers on President Trump as re-elected,” Eastman rights.

In fact, according to state-certified results, Biden garnered 306 electoral votes.

'You really should listen to John,' Woodward's book quotes former President Donald Trump telling Vice President Mike Pence

‘You really should listen to John,’ Woodward’s book quotes former President Donald Trump telling Vice President Mike Pence

The move would provoke “howls” from Democrats, Eastman predicted.

“So Pence says fine” and sends the matter to the House, where under the 12th Amendment, each state delegation would have one vote in deciding a contested election.

Republicans currently control 26 of the state delegations, the absolute majority needed to win that vote. President Trump will be re-elected there too,” Eastman wrote.

The fact is that the Constitution assigns this power to the vice president as the ultimate arbiter. We have to take this into account in all our actions,” said Eastman.

Eastman's memo urges Pence to cite 'ongoing disputes in the 7 states' and deny their voters

Eastman’s memo urges Pence to cite ‘ongoing disputes in the 7 states’ and deny their voters

Eastman’s attempt to pitch the memo to Lee, a conservative Republican from Utah, was ineffective.

‘You might as well take your case to Queen Elizabeth II. Congress cannot do this. You’re wasting your time,” Lee told him, according to the book.

The pitch came despite no state sending an alternate set of voters to Congress to consider, something that has happened in historic cases.

“Lee’s head spinning,” according to Woodward and Costa. “There was no such procedure in the Constitution, in any law or in the past. Apparently Eastman had pulled it out of thin air.’

Lee himself voted to confirm votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania, where Trump and his allies alleged fraud. ‘Our task is very simple. Our job is to come together to open and count the ballots. That’s it,” he said on the Senate floor.

Eastman retired from his legal position a week after the Capitol riots.

Pence refused the course of action Trump urged him to consider, and Trump angrily tweeted at him on Jan. 6.

Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution, by allowing states to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate facts they were previously required to certify. The US demands the truth!’ Trump wrote.


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