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TikTok: Australian mum’s genius chicken drumstick hack foodies can’t get enough of 


Home cook shares the genius hack of chicken drumsticks that foodies can’t get enough of — and she insists it tastes just like a ‘healthy’ version of KFC

  • A mom shared a ‘genius’ way she roasts chicken thighs in the oven
  • The woman placed the drumsticks between the wire segments on a rack
  • The chicken pieces hang upside down so they are evenly cooked to perfection
  • By adding a tray of vegetables below, fat or herbs for flavoring are collected

A mother of two has revealed how they made crispy, golden drumsticks after hanging them upside down in the oven so they cook evenly.

The woman, from New South Wales, shared a photo on social media showing the marinated drumsticks neatly arranged between the wire segments on a rack.

It’s a new cooking trend going viral on TikTok that sees drumsticks dangling upside down in the oven with a leaf of veggies underneath to trap fat and spices for added flavor.

A mum of two has revealed how she made crispy, golden chicken drumsticks after hanging them upside down in the oven so they cook evenly

“They cook more evenly and healthier than in a pan of oil, you don’t have to flip them and they come out nice and crispy on the outside,” the mother wrote in a Facebook group.

“They were so good and smell amazing. It was like a healthy version of KFC without all the extra fat and feeling afterwards. I used the Tandaco chicken seasoning tossed in a bag with the drumsticks and cooked fan forced to 190C.’

She said the chicken roasted for 30 to 40 minutes, until they were golden brown.

The mother explained that she pushed the ends of the drumsticks between the racks before sliding them into the oven – and the method was ‘quite easy’ to do.

After they were cooked, she was able to remove the pieces without any problem.

‘I just used an oven glove and with two fingers pushed the bars on the grid apart a bit. They fell right on the tray below. It all took 30 seconds,” she said.

The mother said she placed a tray of sweet potato fries under the drumsticks, but suggested using other vegetables for frying.

‘Next time I wouldn’t put sweet potatoes underneath, because then the chips will be a little too soft. If it were baked vegetables underneath, it would work well,” she said.

Many were amazed at the cooking method, saying it was “genius” and a “great idea.”

“I was hesitant to buy a special drumstick rack for my smoker. But this idea is great – changes everything,” one wrote.



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