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The Holiday Guru tackles readers’ Covid-related travel issues


I have to change my name! The holiday guru tackles readers’ travel problems – revealing why the names on your passport and NHS data must match…

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions.

This week he is helping a reader who needs to travel to Mallorca but has a problem with her NHS Covid Pass.

Q. I am traveling to Mallorca in a week time. The name on my passport is other than the one registered with the NHG. Will this cause a problem when? prove I’ve been stabbed twice?

Janet Fielding, via email.

Know the Rules: Your Passport and Covid Pass names must match to visit Palma, Mallorca

A. Yes. The government says if the name on your passport and the NHS Covid pass differ, you should contact your GP to have your NHS details updated.

It is recommended to do this at least two weeks before departure. But if you go in a week, let’s hope it speeds up. See ‘NHS Covid Pass’ on gov.uk.

Q. My tour company says we need a Covid negative test or an EU Digital Covid certificate to visit Portugal. But the Portuguese government website states that a printed UK vaccination certificate will suffice. Can you clarify?

Max Dudley, via email.

A. We’ve had a lot of questions about this. You do need a test and do not have to prove that you have had the injections.

Q. I am stuck in France after a PCR test was positive. A second test also gave me a positive result.

What can I do? Do I just have to wait for a negative result before I can go home?

Mrs. J. Crickmore, via email.

A. Unfortunately, yes. You can’t go home until you have a negative test.

Q. My wife was about to board a Lufthansa flight in Frankfurt but was told her negative Covid test certificate was not good because it was written in German and Britain would not accept it. She couldn’t get in. Is this right?

Graham MacPherson, via email.

The Guru reveals you could be denied a flight if your Covid test is in the wrong language

The Guru reveals you could be denied a flight if your Covid test is in the wrong language

A. Those are the rules, although they are ridiculous. English, Spanish and French are the only accepted languages. Others have also been affected by this.

Q. We are going to Lanzarote. Does Playa Blanca Have Clinics That Do Return Covid Tests? Can I also order ‘day two’ return tests before I leave the UK? And is Randox officially approved?

Edwina Williams, via email.

A. There are clinics in Playa Blanca. You can order ‘day two’ tests before returning. Randox is approved (randox.com).

Q. My husband and I have booked a Tui holiday to Agadir in Morocco on October 7th. Are we let in?

Michael and Mary Ward, Doncaster, S. Yorks.

A reader asks the Guru for advice on whether her journey to Agadir in Morocco will go ahead

A reader asks the Guru for advice on whether their journey to Agadir in Morocco will go ahead

A. Currently yes. You must be able to provide proof that you have taken a PCR test and received a negative result, or proof that you have been fully vaccinated, within 72 hours of travel.

Q. We booked a Carnival cruise from Miami in February. We are afraid that we will still not be allowed into the US. The full amount for the cruise will be paid shortly. Will we lose our money if we can’t go because of US rules?

Stuart McDonald, via email.

A. Find Carnival’s cancellation policy at help.carnival.com. You can cancel 90 days before departure and get a full refund – if you haven’t booked a promotion. After that, there are fines that increase closer to the departure date.


If you need any advice, the Holiday Guru is here to answer your questions. Email us at holidayplanner@dailymail.co.uk.



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