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Jim Jordan says Donald Trump is ‘ready’ to announce his run for president in 2024


GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says Trump is ‘ready’ to announce his run for president in 2024 after Afghanistan ‘mess’

  • “President Trump, he’s going to run again,” R-Ohio Representative Jim Jordan said at a GOP event in Iowa
  • Jordan, one of Trump’s closest allies, said he had just spoken to the former president about his plans for 2024
  • Trump has remained elusive about next presidential race, but repeatedly teased a run

Former President Trump is “about ready” to announce his candidacy for president in 2024, Representative Jim Jordan said.

“President Trump, he’s going to walk again,” the congressman said in a clip released by Undercurrent TV journalist Lauren Windsor.

‘Do you think?’ hears another person in the conversation say. “I know, yes, I spoke to him yesterday,” Jordan said, speaking at a GOP event in Dallas County, Iowa.

“He’s about to announce after all the craziness in Afghanistan,” the Ohio Republican continued.

Windsor teased Jordan’s claim on Twitter before releasing the clip. After she tweeted Jordan’s comments, a spokesman for the congressman claimed he hadn’t said so.

Apparently Jim Jordan’s spokesman has claimed that he failed to tell me tonight that Trump is about to announce his run for 2024. We can’t both be right. See for yourself, the video is coming tomorrow… stay tuned,” Windsor wrote before releasing the full clip later.

DailyMail.com has contacted Jordan’s office for comment.

Meanwhile, former Trump adviser Jason Miller said on Thursday he is almost certain Trump will run again.

“I’d say somewhere between 99 and 100%. I think he will definitely run in 2024,” Miller told Cheddar’s JD Durkin.

“He’s about to announce after all this craziness in Afghanistan,” Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan said.

“Let me put it this way, I think you’ll be happy and I think a lot of our friends will be very happy,” Trump said if he fled again.

The former president has remained elusive about his 2024 plans, even claiming he was not allowed to say “legally” whether he would flee.

But in August, he made telling remarks to Fox News host Sean Hannity, who asked if he wanted to run again.

“Because the campaign finance laws are extremely complicated and incredibly stupid, I’m actually not allowed to answer that question, can you believe that?” said Trump.

He continued, “I’d be happy to answer it. But let me put it this way, I think you will be happy and I think many of our friends will be very happy. But I can’t really answer it, it makes it very difficult if I do.’

He also teased a potential bid in an interview on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe.”

“We’ve won it twice. I won it twice and now I have to win it again,” Trump said, again making false claims that he won the 2020 election. “I think if we’re going to save the country, look… I’ll make a decision.”

Trump revealed earlier this week that he would soon be visiting Iowa, home to the nation’s first caucus.

Trump appeared on the Todd Starnes Show, where he bragged about the size of the audience at his rallies in Alabama and Ohio.

“We’ll do something else,” he said. “We’re going to Iowa. We’re going to Georgia. We’re going to some others.’

Other rumors would have been to Iowa as early as this year, including former Vice President Mike Pence, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Republicans eyeing a run for 2024 are stuck in limbo until the former president makes his decision, as Trump is still favored to win the nomination in most GOP voter polls.


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