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How to make a better grilled cheese: 7 tips for a cheesier, crispier, more flavorful sandwich


Upgrade your fat. Don’t miss a chance to add more flavor to your grilled cheese with the fat you use to grill it. After years of using neutral oils (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s what you like), I’ve mostly switched to other options that I find more exciting. The two I flip-flop on are salted butter and mayonnaise. Both to give my sandwiches more flavor, color and crunch than something like canola oil. Butter can be softened and spread on the bread, or you can follow Aaron’s strategy of adding it to the pan, dragging the bread through the melted butter, and then assemble the sandwich there. Mayo works best if you spread it on the bread before baking. Keep an eye on your sandwich baked with mayo or butter, as it can darken faster than a sandwich made with oil. For an even more over-the-top option, grab your jar of rendered bacon grease and use that. DC’s Leah Anne Jaros ups the ante on the outside by sprinkling garlic powder over the butter or mayo-coated sides before grilling, for a garlic bread-inspired riff that’s just as clever.

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