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Gang sentenced for ‘racist attack’ in Middlesbrough McDonalds


A racist gang of teenagers who single-handedly stabbed a 17-year-old inside a McDonald’s in an unprovoked attack have been convicted of their role in the attack. .

Jack Bint, Ryan Moore, Jason Galloway and Dominic Taylor went to the fast food restaurant on Linthorpe Road in the center of Middlesbrough on March 11 last year.

The teens, along with a fifth man who will be sentenced at a later date, were captured on CCTV footage surrounding the black teen, who was eating alone at a table in the restaurant.

One of the gangs was given three months in prison, while others were given suspended sentences, community orders and a curfew

Five teenagers attacked a 17-year-old boy sitting alone in a McDonald’s restaurant in Middlesbrough in March 2002

The restaurant, pictured, was closed for several hours after the attack in March 2020

The restaurant, pictured, was closed for several hours after the attack in March 2020

After moments of ‘attitude’, the man was beaten by one of the group and then wounded by Bint, who dealt three blows to the abdomen while armed with a knife.

After the shocking incident, which took place in front of shocked customers and staff, the group left.

All four teens appeared before the Teesside Crown Court on Thursday to be sentenced.

Bint, 18, of Ormesby was charged with affray and possession of a knife.

Moore, 19, from Middlesbrough was charged with a public order offense and two charges of assaulting a care worker.

Galloway, 18, from Guisborough and Taylor, 18, Redcar, were both charged with a public order offence.

Jon Harley, the prosecutor, said the teens entered the McDonald’s together, and CCTV showed them wearing jackets with their hoods on.

He said Taylor and Galloway played a “peripheral role” in the incident.

The group could be seen around their victim sitting at a table, before Moore “picked up a mop and then a chair.”

Mr Harley said there was “a lot of posturing” before a McDonald’s employee intervened.

A fifth member of the group then punched the man before Bint “approached from behind and hit him three times with a knife in his hand.”

Others then “wade in by stairs” before fleeing and employees locking the door of the restaurant.

Mr Harley said the victim had suffered a stab wound to the abdomen and described onlookers as “shocked”.

CCTV footage showed the victim holding his stomach while a female customer held her hands over her mouth in shock.

A woman was eating with her son in the restaurant at the time of the attack and said members of the group were making “racist remarks”.

Despite the injuries, the victim was not treated in hospital, the court heard.

Teesside Live reported at the time how the victim posted a video to Facebook shortly after the attack that showed he had been stabbed and said: ‘It’s all right, I’m not dead yet’.

The attack sparked a large police presence as the restaurant was closed due to the investigation.

The teens were arrested, and most did not comment in interviews.

Mr Harley said that while on bail, Moore then assaulted two police officers in a separate incident in April.

Paul Abrahams, who defended Bint, said he pleaded guilty on an early occasion and was of good character.

Rod Hunt, who defended Moore, said he had a “very difficult upbringing” and an “irregular lifestyle” but had since had a “brief, sharp shock” while in custody.

Galloway’s Victoria Lamballe said he had a “troubled background”, played a peripheral role in the incident and “expressed remorse and regret”.

Robin Turton, who defended Taylor, said there was evidence of “autism and learning disabilities” and that he had also filed pleas early on.

Judge Paul Watson, QC, condemned the group, labeling the incident “racist hooliganism” and saying it was “pretty horrible”.

He said the attack was “out of a motive of racial hostility, there is no other explanation”.

Galloway and Taylor were both given a 12-month joint order and must undertake 120 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation.

Moore was jailed for three months and Bint was jailed for 12 months, with a 12-month suspension.

He also must complete up to 40 days of rehabilitation and was subjected to a six-month electronic curfew.

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