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Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Man United has Manchester BUZZING, says Gary Neville


Gary Neville claims Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man United return has the city ‘BUZZING’ and Old Trafford bounced like never before for its fairytale second debut

Gary Neville has insisted that Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United is making the whole city buzz and that Old Trafford is bouncing like never before after scoring two goals over the weekend to mark his second debut with the club.

The Portuguese superstar sealed an emotional move from Juventus to United on deadline to rejoin the club where he had made his name, and his arrival immediately sparked hopes that the Red Devils would win silverware this season.

Ronaldo’s signing was met with much fanfare, with the club seeing a huge surge in orders for replica shirts and their stock just days after he confirmed his transfer.

Cristiano Ronaldo shone on his second debut for Manchester United, scoring two goals

There was a fiery atmosphere at Old Trafford on Saturday as fans welcomed their hero 12 years after he left the club.

Club legend Neville, who played his entire career at United, claimed that Ronaldo’s return has caused a huge stir in the city that has been lacking in recent times.

“I walked into Manchester city center on Saturday morning and I haven’t seen it alive in five or ten years,” Neville said in his speech. Sky Sports podcast.

“What he’s brought to the Premier League for interest is exciting, but the city is buzzing with excitement – and this was before he even scored the two goals.

“I was at Salford and saw the news that he scored. I could only imagine what the atmosphere was like and I spoke to a few people who were there and they said it was out of this world, bouncing like they had never seen it before. And Salford scored in the last minute, which meant it was the perfect football day.”

There is a general feeling among United supporters that with Ronaldo leading the way, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men could end their eight-year wait for a new Premier League crown.

But Neville, who previously said he still doubts United’s title credentials, even with Ronaldo, warned them that this could well be the most competitive Premier League season ever.

The former United defender believes England’s top squad may now have more quality than ever before, and says Ronaldo’s return is considered an ‘icing on the cake’.

He added: “In the first half of the race in Leeds I just sat back and marveled at the speed, quality and atmosphere. We always tend to look back and say there was more going on in the 80’s and 90’s, it was, however, standing on the terraces.

“But what I’ve seen in the first four weeks of this season has been tough in terms of quality. This is as good as I’ve seen. We have praised the players for being brilliant last season through Covid in difficult times and all the fans had to watch in frustration at home.

“It was sometimes desperate without fans in the stadium. But at the start of this season, it more than made up for that – it’s a compelling watch. And Ronaldo’s return has put the icing on the cake.”



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