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Corgi goes viral thanks to video where it plays basketball with owner


A delicious slam dunk! Corgi with natural talent for basketball goes viral after owner shares videos of pup sending ball into hoop and scoring every time

  • Corgi named Lilo, six, from Houston, Texas, became famous for basketball talent
  • Became famous last year when owner Denny Ku, 29, taught him how to shoot hoops
  • In one of the latest videos, you score from Ku’s kick and punch him in the head

A corgi who has won legions of fans with her talent for basketball is back with a new video showing off her impressive skills.

Lilo, a six-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Houston, Texas, went viral last year after her owner, Denny Ku, 29, taught her how to shoot hoops during lockdown.

A new video of Lilo is doing the rounds Twitter after it was shared by another famous corgi account, where the pup shows off her well-developed skills at “trickshots,” bouncing the ball against the wall or a lamp before going into the hoop.

People raved about the talented pup, sharing how they would like to train their own dogs to be like Lilo, who has earned herself the nickname “Steph Furry” after basketball player Stephen Curry.

“She’s protecting, her stroke is hot, she’s hairy steph with the shot,” Pavlov the Corgi wrote, sharing a video of a pup sending balls into the basket with Denny.

Her owner Denny Ku taught her to throw the ball in the ring during lockdown

Lilo, a six-year-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi from Houston, Texas, gets some love online after another Corgi account shared videos of the pup shooting basketball hoops with her owner

The video showed the unstoppable pup scoring from different angles and taking several trick shots.

Denny, convinced of his corgi’s basketball prowess, threw the ball behind him, not even sure if Lilo would catch it.

The corgi, who was at the top of Ku’s stairs, nudged the ball into a basket at the bottom of the stairs with her nose.

In a second clip in the same video, Ku and Lilo were in the living room. The corgi managed to shoot the ball into the basket from the bench.

Lilo waited for Ku to throw the plastic ball in her direction

The Corgi skillfully used her nose to punch the ball into the basket

In a recent video, Denny, 29, and Lilo, both photos, showed their skills playing doggy basketball on their stairs

Ku, who sat in front of his dog but saw him score, celebrated by hitting the air.

Later, Ku was seen throwing the ball while working at the desk in his bedroom.

Lilo, lying on the floor, easily sent the ball into the basket, which was next to Ku on the desk.

The last video was a blooper showing Lilo throwing the ball at Ku so that it would bounce off his head as he tried to shoot the ball into the living room.

Ku started to throw the ball behind his shoulder, convinced that Lilo would catch it

The Corgi, sitting on the couch, caught it and patted it with her nose

Ku is so confident in his Corgi’s abilities that he started throwing the ball without looking for Lilo to catch it with her nose, pictured

After the new video went viral online, people said they wanted their dogs to look like Lilo.

“I should get that dog,” a joke.

“I wish I could train my corgydor like her,” someone said.

‘Omg this is unbelievable! Athletics,’ said another.

“This gave me goosebumps,” said one of them.

People loved the video and said they wish they could train their dog to be as good at basketball as Lilo

People loved the video and said they wish they could train their dog to be as good at basketball as Lilo



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