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Colombo crime boss arrested as feds take down one of famed five families in fraud, corruption raid


Famed Colombo Crime Boss Arrested With 11 Other Mobsters As FBI Takes Down One Of Famous Five Families In Fraud, Corruption Raid

  • Twelve alleged mobsters were arrested this morning in a raid on members of two of the famous five families – with one of the alleged mobsters still at large
  • Nine of the defendants are members of the Colombo crime family, including crime family boss Andrew Russo and underboss Benjamin Castellazzo
  • One of those arrested is a soldier from the Bonanno . family
  • The alleged mobsters were handcuffed on allegations related to health care fraud and union-related corruption

The well-known Colombo crime family boss and his closest accomplice were among 12 alleged mobsters arrested early Thursday morning for fraud and corruption, federal officials said.

Andrew Russo, 85, and his underboss, Benjamin Castellazzo, were arrested with seven other members of the Colombo crime family — the youngest of five families who controlled organized crime in New York City, a spokesperson for the US attorney said.

The FBI also arrested a soldier for the Bonanno family, another of the five families, the spokesman also revealed.

The alleged wiseguys were handcuffed on charges of health care fraud and union-related corruption. NBC News 4 reported.

Carmine Persico, former Colombo Crime Family boss, passed away in 2019

They are expected to appear in federal court in Brooklyn later Tuesday and appear before a judge over the health care fraud counts.

Other details were not immediately available.


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