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Boy who shoved a sewing needle into his penis gets it removed through the skin in world-first op


‘Curious’ boy, 10, has a TWIX-sized sewing needle removed from his urethra after being trapped for three hours

  • The 10-year-old Iranian boy stuck an 87mm needle in his penis
  • Normally these items are pulled out or ‘milked out’ but this can cause damage
  • Drs instead moved the needle so it penetrated the skin and the boy recovered

In a 10-year-old boy, a sewing needle the same length as a Twix was removed through his penis after it became lodged in his urethra.

The unnamed child, from Iran, was taken to the emergency room after sliding the 9cm object into the shaft and struggling for more than three hours to get it out.

Doctors who treated the boy said he pushed the needle into his urethra, which contains urine and semen, blunt end first.

It’s unclear why he did that, but the medics noted a number of possible reasons, including curiosity, pleasure, or a brief psychological episode.

But they said he had no history of mental health problems. The circumstances surrounding the incident, revealed in the news Urology Case Reports, are scarce.

X-rays revealed that the sharp object was in a position that made it difficult to take it out using normal methods, such as pushing it out of the penis.

After giving the boy anesthetic to numb the area, they manually pushed on the blunt end of the needle until the sharp point penetrated the skin.

Serajoddin Vahidi, the chief urologist at Shahid Sadoughi University who treated him, said it was the first time the method had been successfully performed.

An X-ray revealed that the 87mm needle had been placed in the 10-year-old Iranian boy’s urethra in such a way that trying to pull it out could have caused further damage.

When objects get stuck in the urethra, they can sometimes be physically milked out of the tip of the penis.

But medics who treated the boy feared that removing the needle with this method carried a high risk of damaging his genitals.

Six months after the procedure, the boy was able to urinate without any problems, suggesting that there was no permanent damage from the procedure.

The doctors added that child psychiatry was consulted before the patient was discharged after ruling out child abuse and psychiatric disorders.

The authors of the case report said their new method is an alternative technique for penetrating the opening of the penis and pulling out similar objects.

Sometimes, if objects inserted into penises cannot be removed due to their size or positioning, the patient must undergo surgery to remove the object.

In China, a 14-year-old boy had to undergo a two-hour surgery to remove an 11cm acupuncture needle he had inserted into his penis to help him stay awake while studying.

Children are known to put foreign objects in their mouths, ears, nose and eyes out of curiosity.

Experts say they experiment with the world around them and learn what happens when they try different things.

In adult patients presenting with foreign bodies in their bodies, this can often be the result of sexual experimentation.


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