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As it launches an ultra- affordable range for everyday wear…. Can John Lewis fill The Gap?


Buying a T-shirt for £6 or finding a dress for £40 are bargains you would expect on the cheaper end of the High Street.

But as of today, these are the prices you can expect from the John Lewis Anyday fashion range. Each item in the collection costs less than £100 – 20 per cent cheaper on average than the previous own-brand offering.

The launch follows the success of the Anyday home range unveiled in the spring (billed as John Lewis’s answer to Ikea), the most successful launch of its own brand to date.

Can John Lewis also knock it out of the park with Anyday fashion?

Today John Lewis unveils their Anyday fashion range, with each item costing less than £100. Pictured: coat, £55, dress, £32, boots, £59, all Anyday at johnlewis.com

Jumpsuit, £48, Bag, £25, Trainers, £45

Sweaters £30 each, joggers, £28, trainers, £45

Picture left: Jumpsuit, £48, bag, £25, trainers, £45. Picture right: £30 each, sweatpants, £28, trainers, £45

The women’s clothing is well rated. The atmosphere is casual, everyday style, inspired by ‘two-mile wear’ – a Japanese concept that means pieces are relaxed enough for the home, but stylish enough for coffee and a chat with friends in a cafe.

Jo Hooper, ex-buyer of John Lewis, used the same ethos for her label NRBY.

However, Anyday’s range is much more affordable. You could say it fills the space left after Gap closed its UK stores: easy essentials alongside pieces that nod to seasonal trends in an understated way.

Dress, £45, Sweater, £32, Boots, £59

Dress, £45, Sweater, £32, Boots, £59

So you’ll find a great zip through denim jumpsuit, £48, (second from left) an instant outfit; just add white sneakers and a crossbody bag. There are good quality joggers, knit hoodies and crew neck jumpers in fun colours, all from £25 to £35.

The dresses are the kind that you can wear and feel comfortable in, but have enough design details to feel fashionable. For example, a simple blue shirt dress with buttons in corduroy. Or a gray sweater dress with a stand-up collar and small side split (top center) to wear with boots.

A green faux fur borg jacket, £55, or a quilted khaki coat, £75, feels cool and modern, but don’t fight for attention.

Knit, £3, Hoodie, £32, Joggers, £25, Trainers, £45

Puffer jacket, £68, jersey, £16, leggings, £15, trainers, £45

Pictured left: Knit, £3, hoodie, £32, sweatpants, £25, trainers, £45. Pictured right: puffer jacket, £68, jumper, £16, leggings, £15, trainers, £45

Fashion for this kind of price often raises questions about sustainability. John Lewis promises that all cotton in the range complies with the Better Cotton Initiative for sustainable farming and production.

Whenever possible, Anyday uses 100 percent recycled polyester and EcoVero, a viscose made from sustainable wood. And it complies with John Lewis’s existing Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice, which sets standards for things like fair wages, workers’ rights and no child labour.

That makes the success of creating simple, contemporary, ‘flawless’ pieces at affordable prices even more impressive.

Jacket, £55, Jumper, £30, Joggers, £25, Trainers, £45

Jacket, £55, Jumper, £30, Joggers, £25, Trainers, £45


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