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A Victorian father shares kind act on Facebook from a Coles team member during Covid lockdown


“Such a wonderful person!” Dad thanks Coles worker for heartwarming gesture to his autistic son

  • Victorian Dad Dave Gamble Praises Coles Team Member For Kind-hearted Deed
  • Dave’s 8 year old son is autistic and approached the employee while he was at work
  • The Worker, Stacked Shelves with the Boy Rewarding Him with a Box of Chocolates

A father thanks a Coles team member for a heartwarming gesture that brightened the day for his autistic son.

Post his experience on facebookOn Thursday, Dave Gamble had taken his autistic eight-year-old son Tim to go grocery shopping at Cardinia Lakes, on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne.

Tim had had very little contact with strangers during the lockdown, but enthusiastically approached the Coles employee who was packing cookies on the shelves.

The employee ‘Shane’ saw Tim’s interest and asked the boy if he would like to help and they started stacking together and later rewarded him with a box of chocolates for his hard work.

A Victorian father has thanked a Coles team member for his heartwarming gesture to let his 8-year-old son Tim take the shelves at a shop in Cardinia Lakes (pictured)

“Shout out to this great team member from your Cardinia Lakes store this morning,” Mr Gamble wrote on Coles’ Facebook page.

“When my non-verbal autistic son approached him, curious what he was doing with all the cookies (my son loves cookies), this guy stopped and showed him and they spent a happy five minutes or so enjoying it. assemble the cookies on the shelf.

“And then, 10 minutes later, your team member found us a few aisles again and gave him a box of chocolates for being such a wonderful helper.

Tim was delighted when Coles' employee, known as Shane, rewarded him with a box of chocolates for his hard work (pictured)

Tim was delighted when Coles’ employee, known as Shane, rewarded him with a box of chocolates for his hard work (pictured)

“For a boy who is not able to go out much to socialize due to all the lockdowns at the moment – and if he does they can be challenging – this was a bit of interaction and an incredibly generous gesture that made his day.”

Shane’s heartwarming post and generosity have been praised by hundreds online.

This is my local shop and the guy is really sweet!’ wrote a person

“Hats off to this employee and Coles,” another commented.

‘What a champion. Restores my trust in people,” added a third.

Mr Gamble told the Daily Mail Australia that the response the post has received has been “quite astonishing” and “overwhelmingly positive”.

“It’s nice to see how much fun the story brings to people, and it’s great to see some of the comments that Shane and the other team members recognize as great people,” said Mr. Gamble.

“They deserve recognition for their great work in balancing the negativity they sometimes have with the pressure they’ve experienced over the past year and a half.”

Dave Gamble thanked the staff at the Cardinia Lakes store (pictured) for all their hard work during the sixth state lockdown

Dave Gamble thanked the staff at the Cardinia Lakes store (pictured) for all their hard work during the sixth state lockdown

He added that it was good to see that there were people with understanding of children on the spectrum – especially in supermarkets, which can be a challenging environment for children with autism.

“It’s really just an understanding that one’s behavior can be different and have patience,” he said.

“I’m lucky that my son is wearing headphones and it’s almost like a flashing light overhead that he’s going to behave unexpectedly. But not everyone is like that. Spectrum isn’t even a big enough word to describe people with autism.’

Everyone is different and everyone can be different on different days. understanding and patience is the most important thing you can ask for. Especially because as a parent I watch my son interact with people in the store.’

Coles told Daily Mail Australia that it was delighted to hear the kind gesture from one of his staff.

“We are always looking for ways to meet the different needs of our customers by creating a shopping environment that makes our customers and team members feel comfortable.”

“We’re always excited to hear stories from our team members who create special shopping moments for our customers and we’re grateful that the parents took the time to recognize the positive impact of our Cardinia Lakes team.”

The supermarket giant was one of the first retailers to offer ‘Quiet Hour’, to help shoppers who find it difficult to shop in a heightened sensory environment.

Customers get a low-sensory shopping experience by making changes to the store, such as reducing noise, lighting and distractions.


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